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Telecom Training Services is a training institute of excellence in New Delhi, India. We have been providing telecom trainings to engineering graduates, business management students, induction level trainees to senior executives of an organization. Our trainers are well experienced professionals from the telecom industry.

Our training courses are placement oriented and develop a strong

techno – commercial personality in our participants.

We Are Shaping the Next Generation Careers

The growth of telecom industry & internet explosion has resulted in convergence of IT, Media, Telecom & Entertainment industries. Also, Telecom has become the backbone of other industries enabling ebusiness such as Aviation, Health Care, Corporate Supply Chains, Transportation, Banking & Finance.The above scenario has created job opportunities in all sectors for students & professionals having knowledge of various Telecom Technologies and also they are expected to demonstrate business management skills combined with IT & Soft Skills.

We understood this way back in 1996 that

this revolution will change the entire landscape.


Training Workshops are also available on new & upcoming technologies


Digital Business - Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud ( SMAC )

Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Machine-To-Machine ( M2M ) - Internet of Things ( IoT )

Pervasive & Ubiquitous Computing

IP Multimedia Subsystem ( IMS )

Fixed Mobile Convergence ( FMC )

IP Location & Wireless Mobility

Mobile Commerce & m Payments

Understanding Big Data Infrastructure & Analytics

Training Courses & Workshops For Career & Business Growth

IT & Telecom Technologies are reshaping Business Strategies of every Industry Sector. We conduct specialized training workshops on Information & Communications Technologies ( ICT ), Corporate IT Strategies, eBusiness, Business Intelligence, Project Management, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Internet & Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics. The courses can help individuals and corporates for their career & business expansions.

Career | HR | Business Consulting


We do Coaching & Mentoring for enhancing your performance in your career & business. Through our HR Consulting services, We help you to :

Choose your Personal & Professional Goals - Use the power of your mind - Develop desirable qualities -

Evaluate your Personal & Professional Growth - Identify your Competencies - Take action in order to

succeed - Monitor your Progress - Achieve your full Potential - Build your Personal Balanced Score Card

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Training & Consulting For Business & Career Growth

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16 - 17 Oct 2014 - Delhi, India


Evolution of Telecom Industry - Trends & Development

Understanding End - to - End Telecom Infrastructures & Value Chains

IT - Telecom - Media Convergence

Trends & Developments in Access Networks

Trends & Developments in Core / Backbone Networks

Trends & Developments in Wireless & Mobile Networks

IP Multimedia Subsystem ( IMS )

Fixed Mobile Convergence ( FMC ) | Wireless Mobility

All " IP Networks "

Telecom Solutions for Enterprises - Cloud Infrastructure

Telecom Companies in India & how they are offering their services

Information & Communications Technologies for various Industries

Developing Telecom Industry Skills


Workshop Fee per participant

Industry & Academic Delegates - INR 12,500 | Students - INR 7,500

For Seminar Registration, Please contact with your details

Upcoming Training Workshop - 30 - 31 October 2014


" Internet of Things ( IoT )"

Venue : Delhi, India

The networked connection of people, data, processes and things, dubbed the Internet of Everything, is expected to be a $19 trillion economic opportunity in the coming decade.

Source :


What is Ubiquitous Computing | What is M2M communication | What is Internet of Things ( IoT ) | M2M

Ecosystem | M2M Technologies | Smart Environments – Smart Planet | Smart Cities | Smart Energy |

Smart Transport | Smart Living | Smart Health | Smart Industry | Smart Buildings | M2M Global Market |

M2M developments in India

Workshop Fee per participant

Industry & Academic Delegates - INR 9,500 | Students - INR 5,500

For Workshop Registration, Please contact with your details


Upcoming Training Workshop - 13 - 14 Nov 2014


Venue : Delhi, India

Enterprise vendor Cisco announced its plans to invest $1 billion in Cloud over the next two years. Cisco is following the footsteps of IBM in terms of investment.

Earlier, IBM announced that it invested more than $1 billion for software Cloud development and is launching new capabilities running on SoftLayer. IBM, which is also acquiring Cloudant, is opening its enterprise software portfolio to the cloud and launching an open beta codenamed BlueMix, a new platform-as-service (PaaS).

Source :

Cloud Computing relates to the IT infrastructure required to develop / host / run IT services and applications, on demand, with consumption based pricing, as a resilient service. Communicating over the internet and requiring little or no client end components it provides resource and services to store data and run applications, from many devices, anytime, anywhere, as a service. The services can in turn be scaled up and down as needed to meet a customer’s variable operational needs, ensuring maximum cost efficiency.

This workshop delivers the skills necessary to understand cloud computing, infrastructure, virtualization, strategies, security, case studies & best practices.

Workshop Contents

Evolution of Computing | The Cloud Ecosystem | Relevance of the Cloud Model | Service & Deployment

Models of the Cloud | IaaS – PaaS – SaaS | Private – Public – Hybrid Clouds | Challenges of the Cloud |

Cloud Development Models | Impact on various Service Providers | User Market | Cloud Deployment Case

Studies | Technical Considerations

Workshop Fee per participant

Industry & Academic Delegates - INR 9,500 | Students - INR 5,500

For Workshop Registration, Please contact with your details

Upcoming Training Workshop - 27 - 28 Nov 2014

"Social - Mobile - Analytics - Cloud "

Creating a Digital Enterprise

Indian companies are investing heavily in Social networks, Mobile computing, Analytics and Cloud computing (SMAC) with a vision to drive business growth and combat the changing economic and market structures, as per PwC’s Digital IQ Survey. This is truly a converged Digital Revolution.

NASSCOM projects the SMAC opportunity to be in excess of $200 billion by 2016.

Learn about the SMAC Disruptive Technologies that today’s enterprises are adopting.

Understand the trends & directions of Social, Mobile, Big Data Analytics

& Cloud computing.

Explore how Internet is transforming this change.

Analyze the billion dollar global market

Workshop Fee per participant

Industry & Academic Delegates - INR 9,500 | Students - INR 5,500

For Workshop Registration, Please contact with your details

Opportunities for Freelance IT & Telecom Trainers


We would like to create a panel of expert Freelance Trainers in the following domains :


  • IT Infrastructure, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Data Centre Architectures, IT Strategies

  • Data Networks - LAN & WAN - IPv6, ATM, MPLS, Carrier Ethernet, QoS

  • Telecom Wireline Technologies - Access Networks, SDH, SONET, DWDM, OTN, Test & Measurement

  • Telecom Wireless Technologies - GSM, CDMA, 3G UMTS, CDMA2000, WiMAX, LTE

  • Next Generation Networks ( NGN )

  • Telecom Business Strategies, Information & Communications Technologies ( ICT ), Corporate IT Strategies, Project Management

  • Telecom OSS BSS, eTOM, ITIL

  • eBusiness, Business Intelligence & Information & Network Security,

  • Internet & Social Media Marketing, Web & Big Data Analytics.

  • Aviation CNS ATM FANS experts from Aviation Industry

  • Soft Skills

You are expected to demonstrate quality in training assignments, include planning to deployment

case studies and should be able to exhibit knowledge of various products in your domain of


Please send your updated Profile alongwith the latest photograph to

Do You Know ....


-- > The global mobile cellular subscription count is expected to equal the global population count by the end of 2013.

-- > The worldwide web traffic has increased by 162.7% over the period 2010-12.

-- > It is estimated that around 309 billion apps would be downloaded annually by 2016, of which around 93% would be the free downloads.

-- > The global mobile advertising is expected to reach $20 billion by 2016.

-- > Commercial LTE deployments have increased from 50 across 27 countries in December 2011, to reach 206 across 79 countries in August 2013.

-- > The global mobile data traffic is expected to reach 11.2Exabytes (EB) per month by 2017 from 0.9 Exabytes (EB) per month in 2012.

-- > Asia-Pacific region is expected to contribute maximum to the global mobile data traffic (around 47% of the total traffic in 2017).

-- > Smartphones would continue to be the most popular device to access mobile internet services.

-- > Operators are adopting various pricing options like Unlimited, tiered and dynamic pricing approaches to increase their data revenues. 


IP Multimedia SubSystem
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